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Virginia is blessed with over 2900 miles of wild trout water. The Blue Ridge mountains provide us with enough blue line sreams that it would take a life time to explore them all. The Shenandoah Vally is home to some of the best spring creeks on the east coast. We provide year round trips for trout. Brook trout trips generally start mid February into October. We do give the brookies a break from October to February so they can spawn. The special regulation streams help to feel in those months. 




   The James and Shenandoah are both Musky water. Being a fish that likes cool water they are most active durning the coldest months of the year. The months we target musky are October to March. They do make you pay your dues but when it all comes together it will make you weak in the knees!



  The James and Shenandoah Rivers are both know for their aggressive smallmouth and fishing. The James' numerious islands, bolder fields, rock gardens and clay banks give us the oppuntiy to boat fish up to and over 20 inches.

  The Shenandoah is a fly fishermans dream. Pebble bottoms,ledges, grass beds and under cut banks will find smallmouth ready to attack your offering. 

  The best months to target smallmouth are mid April to October.

  Our boats are white water rafts set up for anglers comfort and safety. Each boat can easily accomate two anglers and their guide.

  We provide any and/or all gear that is needed along with lunch,snacks,water and sport drinks. All skill levels are welcome.





$425.00 full day

$325.00 half day

To contact me to book a trip or for more information go to the contact page or give me a call.

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