L.E. Rhodes

7456 Blenheim Road

Scottsville VA 24590

434-285-3366  434-996-5506


The Guides 

L.E. Rhodes

L.E has been fishing the James and Shenandoah rivers for over 45 years. He has over 20 years years of guiding experience. He loves the time he spends on the water with his customers. He knows that everyone likes to catch fish but he also wants everyone to go home having learned something new. 

Jarred Rhodes

​Jarred is a true river rat. He grew up fishing with his dad at every opportunity. In his teen years he worked at James River Runners a canoe livery. As he grew older he could be found running up and down the river in his jet hunting monster smallies and gar. In spending a day with Jarred you'll not only have a shot at catching trophy fish but what it takes to be successful in doing so.


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